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Surf&Turf: The meeting of the sea and meadow on one plate

We already know we can categorize people according to their food preferences and we easily understand the differences between them. Just like this, we can easily classify dishes according to the ingredients or the way they are cooked. Because they have exact groups and they are served in certain ways except for different interpretations. But there is a kind of dish which gained popularity around the world and loved but not all of the people are familiar with it. It can simply be described as a plate that combines two featured items; Surf&Turf. It may seem rhyming, but it actually refers to the combination of two tastes that are not very compatible at first glance. I know it sounds interesting and here are the details of this so-called perfect match.

What is the Surf&Turf?

If we start with the hidden meaning of this dish, the word “surf” in the phrase covers all seafood such as lobster, shrimp, and large fish. On the other hand, the word “turf” refers to the group of red meat (especially soft meats such as tenderloin). For the history of surf&turf; It is possible to say that this style of food emerged especially in North America as a preferred method to meet the food needs of the middle class about sixty years ago. And its main feature is its economical and satisfying food approach for people. Thanks to its relatively low price and more upscale appearance, surf and turf became popular at restaurants across the country during the 1960s and 70s. Although it wasn’t found at many luxury restaurants in those times, it quickly became one of the most sellers at “middle class” establishments. In time, the eating habits and gastronomy world changed and surf&turf diet is now a new trend eating habit that has started to appear on the menus of luxury restaurants.

Protein Bomb for Everyone

Appearing as a healthy meal, although people are not yet fully accept it as an everyday dish, it can be possible to say that this trend will spread rapidly in long term. In today’s world in which healthy nutrition is at the forefront, this kind of dish is a good choice for consumers. And the increasing demand shows that the Surf&Turf will be more preferred every single year later on. The fact that both red meat and seafood are serving on the same plate with high protein content is much more available for the diets of most people such as athletes or the people who try to avoid carbs. We can also say that it is a very satisfying visuality for individuals with a sensitivity to healthy eating. Of course, there are many foods that can match better with meat and seafood separately but the feeling that knowing they are both healthy and high quality makes it a good option for people. 

On the other hand, besides its positive aspects and high demand by people, there are also examples where the Surf&Turf kind of nutrition can negatively affect human health. The high protein content of the Surf&Turf reveals inconvenient situations, especially for high blood pressure patients. And it is arguing that gout patients should not consume the meals in the Surf&Turf menus without the supervision of a doctor. Actually, it is a valid comment for all people in terms of consuming high protein content food but obviously, it is not as vital as for protein intolerant people.

surf&turf bowl

Unity of Tastes and Colors

The relationship between gastronomy and visuality is an important detail that has existed since ancient times and increases the appeal of the dish. The decoration of the dishes served and the presentation of complementary foods on the same plates increase the quality of gastronomic values and customer satisfaction. When evaluated in this respect, Surf&Turf menus offer rich alternatives in terms of customer satisfaction. The meeting of contrasting colors on the same plate enhances the visuality and increases the pleasure individuals get from eating. Besides different sauces, spices and sometimes veggies are also serving with the meal to support the plate. Thus we can see although these two tastes are different, they are also perfectly compatible and delicious together. So I think we can basically describe it as the perfect meeting of the sea and meadow on one plate.

sur&turf tacos

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