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Worldwide Gastronomy Habits & Trends

Eggs, A Multi-Dimensional Hero?

ByKhalida Bendjeddou

Aug 25, 2021

1400 B.C., China, and Egypt started to domesticate fowl producing from this animal to the homo sapiens a pleasant ingredient. The oval rounded shape of the shell holds a divine value. Eggs were finally introduced to gastronomy; with this introduction comes the human curiosity and desire to explore the other areas that this component is able to achieve. For the Romans it was a matter of spiritual belief, people were convinced that breaking the shells will prevent the evil spirit from coming around, thus; plates and forks were used to create the safety barrier, eggs at that time and region were used as a tool of protection. Eggs as a wholesome ingredient traveled around time in various forms, yet in our modern time, chicken eggs are mostly consumed, climbing the ladder to become one of the most demanded ingredients in the world where most dishes are depended on. So either it is the famous English Omelette, the fresh delicious desirable French Croissant, or the American breakfast sweetheart Pancakes. Without eggs, any of these dishes could not be made. Apart from this, the nutrition value of eggs is extraordinary as it provides the body with a high rate of proteins and vitamins, however, doctors and nutritionists limit the consumption of the ingredient to a certain amount as to not bring a negative impact on the health of the individual.

French Croissant
English Omelette
American Pancakes

From the World of Cuisine to the Art World

 Far away from fridges and the kitchen, and close to the brush and paintings settles downs the humble egg between the colors pigments. Painters sought to find new techniques and materials to add to the process of creation in order to perfect their craft. The great artists, Ghirlandaio and Duccio incorporated eggs in their process of painting. Egg yolk mixed with colors pigments named “Tempera” or “Egg Tempera” is used in various techniques displayed in their portrays. This technique modified the world of art by giving the portrait distinctive features that added to their genius creations. On the other part, Leonardo da Vinci was the first to put together the combination of oil and Tempera creating what we call: “Tempera Grassa” which is consisted of egg yolk mixed with oil. This combination was used in his famous painting, “Portrait of a Musician” a magnificent piece of art that exhibits the soul of the Renaissance of high nuance in literature, art, and invention; a creative breeze of fine inventiveness, imagination, and originality.

Portrait of a Musician

Eggs as a Modern Twist in the Makeup Industry

In stages, runaways, and every domain in our modern time the idea of taking care of your body has been an incentive shared around individuals. The special care for your hair and skin takes hours from your daily life as the want to achieve a level of perfection is always placed as an end goal. Therefore, introducing a myriad of products and trying new remedies at home is a habit carried away by everyone. This hype surrounding intensive care encouraged companies and brands to seek much research and incorporate many ingredients in the making of their products. The high competition in the market led them to go back to the use of basic natural components in their products. This shift toward the past and natural sphere assisted in the use of eggs in creating makeup and skincare creams. Eggs as an ingredient are composed of a combination of vitamins that helps give a new texture, providing a soft feeling, nourish and strengthen the skin and hair. According to many cosmetics and chemist, the effect provided by an egg could not be replaced by anything else as it plays the role of a moisturizing, it repairs the damages of skin and tighten pores and remove excess oil. So either they are creams, shampoos, moisturizers, or simply a natural face or hair mask made at home, the results gained because of eggs are enormous.

An Egg Breaking World Social Media Records

Away from our concrete world, to the realm of digital and social media comes the famous story that broke the internet, when Chris Godfrey was trending because of his egg picture shared on Instagram. The incident was the first of its kind, on 4 January 2019 Godfrey posted on his Instagram account, “@world_record_egg” an egg picture under the caption: “let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this”. The post culminated18.4 million likes in less than 10 days. This move broke the traditional dynamic imposed by the culture of any social media platform regarding the measures and techniques used to have more likes or get the attention of people. In other words, this incident marked a historical moment in the alteration of the behavior preoccupied by people when thinking about growing their Instagram feed, base, or likes.

From being displayed in the biggest restaurants to your delicious cooking meal at home to being the secret touch used by painters to becoming the spell used by cosmetic companies, and finally being a game-changer in the world of social media; eggs have outperformed the superstitious powers believed by the Roman to wear the cape of a superhero.

Chris Godfrey post of an egg

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