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What are Blue Eggs and How to Cook Them

ByDamla Aydin

Jul 21, 2022

After white eggs and brown eggs, blue eggs began to be consumed frequently. This eggs, which many people are interested in, attracts attention with both their appearances and benefits. However, the thing that people wonder most is whether they are more beneficial than white or brown eggs.

Read on to discover all the facts about blue eggs.

What are Blue Eggs?

what are blue eggs?

The shells of the eggs that we are accustomed to seeing in the markets are brown and white. Recently, however, blue eggs have started to gain popularity, both for their appearance and for their alleged health benefits. The blue egg is the egg of the Araucana chicken breed, which originates in Chile in South America. These chickens do not have tails according to their body features and instead they have ear tails. The reason why the color of the egg is blue is the pigments that come from the genes of Araucanas.

Similar to Araucana chickens, other chicken breeds that lay blue eggs are Ameraucana and Easter Egger. The Ameraucana genus takes its name from the Araucana race. Unlike araucanas, they have beards instead of ear tails. The chicken breed called Easter Egger is the most heard chickens by the public. These chickens are hybrid breeds that get their genes from the Araucana and Ameraucana breeds, but unlike them, they can also lay their eggs in pale pink, black and brown. It is also possible to make some chicken breeds lay blue eggs by playing with their genetics.

What are the Health Benefits?

Blue eggs have very nutritious properties thanks to the vitamins A, D, E and B group they contain, and they contain many important minerals such as iron and zinc. Blue eggs help to cure anemia, increase the energy levels and they reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. They are good for bone and tooth structure and help to develop muscles. They provide the nutritional value needed during pregnancy. Also, they regulate brain functions.

Are Blue Eggs the Healthiest Ones?

The different color of the eggs is related to the type of chicken. For example, Leghorn hens lay white, Orpington hens lay brown, Ameraucana hens lay blue eggs. The color of the shell is determined by a gene of the chicken. This gene causes different colored pigments to accumulate in the shell of different species, so that different colored eggs are formed. Other than the color of the shell, the different colored eggs have no different characteristics. Therefore, they are all equal in terms of nutritional value. No one is more or less beneficial than the other.

The egg is formed in the hen’s oviduct in approximately 26 hours. At the beginning of the channel, the eggs are colorless and of the same color in all chicken species. The crust is formed in the last 20 hours, and the color substances that give the color to the shell pass into the shell during this period and the color of the shell is formed. However, these color substances never pass under the crust. Therefore, the main structure of all eggs is not different from each other.

Hence, blue eggs do not have an advantage over white or brown eggs in terms of nutritional value.

Advertising Tricks

blue eggs: advertising

Years ago, the type of egg we were accustomed to seeing in the markets was white eggs. When brown eggs were introduced, they were not very popular at first because people were not used to them. In order that this would not affect their sales, brown egg manufacturers spread rumors that brown eggs are more beneficial for health to be included in their advertising campaigns. Some people may remember this rumor because it is not that old, and some may even still believe it. But the truth is that brown eggs are no more beneficial than white eggs.

After the launch of the unfamiliar blue eggs, the blue egg producers also organized an advertising campaign similar to the brown egg producers. However, the statement that the blue egg is healthier than other eggs is not true. Just because the color of the egg shells is different does not mean that the inside will be different.

Food manufacturers use various advertising discourses to sell their products. These rhetoric must not be such as to mislead the consumer and cause unfair competition against other products. Public audit institutions need to be more careful in these matters.

How to Cook a Blue Egg?

blue eggs: how to cook

You can cook blue eggs, which you can enjoy for breakfast, in different ways. It is possible to consume this egg, which you can fry in the pan by adding butter like a regular egg, by boiling it. In short, you can consume blue eggs in the same way you consume other types of eggs.

The recipes we can recommend for breakfast are omelette and boiled egg. You can find these recipes in this article. You can also use blue eggs for making cakes, pies, pastries and cookies.

Do They Cost More?

Special chicken varieties that produce blue eggs have already been mentioned. These chickens are more expensive to buy, which affects the price of eggs on the shelf. In addition, it is observed in many markets that brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs. It is said that the only reason brown eggs are more expensive is because all that brown pigment requires more food and more money to produce. However, keep in mind that these may all be just rumors and perhaps an advertising tactic.

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