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Most Popular Beers in Turkey: Top 8 Beers

ByDamla Aydin

Jul 23, 2022

Beer is a very popular alcoholic beverage in Turkey. Generally, lager type beers are common. It is known that beer has been drunk in Anatolia since the Sumerians. The first Turks who came there were also drinking boza. The modern history of beer in Turkey began with the Ottoman Empire. During certain periods of the Ottoman Empire, it was forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages in some cities, but many small producers in Istanbul were making boza with a high alcohol content. The first modern beer production in Turkey started in 1894 by the Swiss Bomonti brothers with the Bomonti brewery in Istanbul. In this article, the most famous Turkish beers and the most consumed beers produced in Turkey but based in other countries are presented. Read on to discover the most popular beers in Turkey.

1. Efes Pilsen

The Most Popular Beers in Turkey: Efes Pilsen

Efes Pilsen started to be produced in 1969 in the cities of Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey. This brand, which later spread to many parts of the world, has a total of 17 breweries, 4 malt factories and 1 hops processing facility. Even if you cannot see its packaging, the brand of this beer is recognized from its unique bottle. It has a chubbier bottle than the other beers. There are many varieties such as Efes Unfiltered, Efes Ice, Efes Malt, Efes Barrel, Efes Light, Efes Dark and Efes Xtra. The alcohol content of beers differs between 3% and 7.5%. Efes Pilsen beers do not have a very bitter taste, but the taste of barley malt and hops is dominant. This beer brand was named after the Ancient City of Ephesus, located in the Aegean Region.

2. Bomonti

Bomonti Brewery, named after one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, is the first beer production facility in the Ottoman Empire that started production with modern beer production techniques. Although it is a different brand, its owner is Efes Pilsen. Especially in bars and pubs, Bomonti beer is often preferred. It is observed that it is consumed more than Efes Pilsen. It has a light formula and is a soft drink. There are varieties such as Bomonti Black, Bomonti Unfiltered, Bomonti Fabrika and Bomonti Red Ale. The alcohol content of Bomonti beers differs between 4.3% and 5.8%.

3. Tuborg

Most Popular Beers in Turkey: Tuborg

One of the most popular beers in Turkey is Tuborg. Although Tuborg is a Danima-based company, it produces in Turkey under the name Turk Tuborg. Turk Tuborg was established in İzmir-Pınarbaşı in 1967 and since 1969, it has been engaged in beer and malt production at its facilities in İzmir, as well as the distributorship of beer brands it imports from abroad. Turk Tuborg factory, which is an integrated facility with an annual production capacity of 36 thousand tons of malt and approximately 579 million liters of beer, is one of the largest breweries in Turkey. Tuborg beers stand out with their variety of products and each product has different alcohol percentages. Tuborg Special, also known as Tuborg Red, is the beer with the highest alcohol content of the brand. On the other hand, for those who are looking for a light beer can prefer Tuborg Gold.

4. Marmara

Most Popular Beers in Turkey: Marmara

Marmara beers are of two types, Marmara Gold and Marmara Red. Especially Marmara Gold is in demand because it is 100% malt beer. Although it is a different brand, its owner is Efes Pilsen. It is often preferred because it is cheaper than other beers in the Efes group. Unlike other beers, it is usually sold in a 1 liter green glass bottle. Its name comes from the Marmara Region, a region in Turkey that includes Istanbul. The alcohol content of Marmara beers is known as 4.6%.

5. Most Popular Beers in Turkey: Beck’s

Beck’s is one of the most popular beers in Turkey. It is a German beer. However, it is produced in only five countries around the world. It was brought to Turkey by the Efes group and its production continues by this group. It is a foamy beer with an intense and bitter taste and a sharp hops smell. Beck’s is darker in color than other beers. The alcohol percentage of Beck’s beers is known as 4.9%.

6. Most Popular Beers in Turkey: Miller

Miller is an American beer. However, it is also produced in Turkey. Its production rights in Turkey belongs to the Efes group. The history of the Miller brand dates back to 1895. In addition, Miller stands out as the world’s largest brewer. Miller is one of the light-tasting beers. It goes well with lemon. It is generally recommended for people who are not accustomed to drinking beer. Because of its easy drinking, it is considered as “water, not beer” by some people in Turkey. Miller beers are known to have an alcohol content of 4.7%.

7. Carlsberg

Carlsberg Group is a brewing company founded in 1847 by Jacob Christian Jacobsen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, it sells in approximately one hundred and fifty countries. It has reached a considerable audience in Turkey as well. In Turkey, this brand of beers is produced by Turk Tuborg. The most important feature of Carlsberg beers is that they are light and easy to drink. Unlike many other beers, it has a special formula that does not cause discomfort (in stomach). A 50 cc Carlsberg bottle contains 5% alcohol. It is one of the most popular beers in Turkey.

8. Bud (Budweiser)

The thing about Bud, whose type is “Pale Lager”, is to focus on “easy drinking” as in this type of beers. It contains rice, in addition to water, barley, yeast and hops. Bud beers are sold in 500ml bottles with 5% alcohol. Due to the problems with the copyright of the name, this beer is marketed as “Bud” in most places in Europe, while it is sold as Budweiser in the remaining countries. In Turkey, this beer is also known as Bud.

Notes (Most Popular Beers in Turkey)

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