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The Most Interesting Dishes In The World: Top 12 Dishes

ByDamla Aydin

Jul 29, 2022

There are many different cultures in the world and many traditional eating habits belonging to these cultures. Some dishes belonging to these eating habits may seem unusual to people from other cultures. For example, some people do not prefer to eat insects. Some people do not prefer to eat reptiles. Others refuse to eat meat. This article has listed the most interesting dishes in the world. Read on to discover weirdest meals all around the world and learn more about different eating habits.

1. British Fish Cakes

the most interesting dishes in the world: fish cake

When you think of a fish cake, the first thing that comes to mind is a sugary fish. That would be quite an interesting eating experience. However, fish cakes are not made with sugar. Basically, the recipe is based on the completion of the fish cooked with milk with potatoes. It is usually made using tuna fish, salmon fish and cod fish. It is a famous recipe not only in England, but also in Ireland, Korea and Thailand.

2. Fried Tarantula (Cambodia)

the most interesting dishes in the world: fried tarantula

There is an ongoing debate around the world about whether to eat insects or not. However, the situation is different here, in Cambodia, tarantulas, a venomous spider species, are fried and eaten.

Fried spider is a popular Cambodian snack. The spiders are produced in holes in the soil in rural areas north of Skuon and then fried in oil. The spiders are tarantulas known as “a-ping” in Khmer. It is said to taste like chicken and cod fish, with a crispy exterior and a soft center. Consumption of fried spider is also common in Mexico, but Mexican law prohibits eating many spider species for human health reasons.

3. Century Egg (China)

A common Asian dish called century eggs is made with eggs that have been long-term kept in a curing mixture. Duck or chicken eggs, are preserved for months in a special mixture prepared from ash, clay and salt. After the process, the white of the egg turns into a brown jelly-like consistency and the yolk turns green. It is a popular food in China.

4. The Most Interesting Dishes In The World- Tuna Eyeballs (Japan)

Many people have eaten tuna at least once. What about the eyes of a tuna fish? Although it may sound strange and disturbing, this dish is quite popular in Japan. Additionally, its taste is said to be similar to squid or octopus.

5. San-nakji (Korea)

Sannakji is a Korean dish. Octopuses, which are eaten alive without cooking, come in various types and are eaten by wrapping in small sticks (spaghetti style) with various sauces. It is a dish that tourists find interesting and try in South Korea. If you ever consume live octopus, be cautious because if you do not chew it carefully, the suction cups may become lodged in your throat.

6. The Most Interesting Dishes In The World- Escamoles (Mexico)

Escamoles is also known as insect caviar. Prepared from a giant black ant egg, this dish is said to taste like goat cheese. They are most popular in Mexico City and nearby regions. Since the Aztec era, escamoles have been eaten in Mexico.

7. Durian (South Asia)

the most interesting dishes in the world: durian

Southeast Asia is home to the durian fruit. It appears to have a range that includes the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia, and the island of Borneo. It looks like a sea urchin. Although its yellow color evokes a delicious feeling, its smell is so unbearable that it is even forbidden to enter the airport. It is said to smell like sewage, rotten meat, and dirty socks.

8. The Most Interesting Dishes In The World- Casu Marzu (Italy)

Casu Marzu is also known as maggot cheese. It is a typical sheep milk cheese from Sardinia that includes live insect larvae. It has a very strong and aromatic taste. Casu Marzu is considered as the world’s most dangerous cheese. Maggot cheese consumption can result in allergic reactions, nausea, stomach pain, and throwing up, say medical professionals. As a result, it has been prohibited. This cheese’s heritage, however, is such that it is served at special events and weddings. It is also served in elite restaurants in Italy.

9. Akutaq- Eskimo Ice Cream

Although Aqutaq (Eskimo ice cream) looks sweet, its content is completely different; reindeer fat, fresh snow, red fruit and fish. I do not know how it tastes, but it sounds pretty interesting. Additionally, it is a dessert made by Alaska Natives, including Athabaskans.

10. Escargots à la Bourguignonne (France)

Snails served in their shells after being cooked in a white wine, butter, garlic, and parsley sauce. They were said to have a cohesiveness akin to mussels or clams. It might be preferable to try it in a respectable, fairly priced restaurant.

11. The Most Interesting Dishes In The World- Drunken Shrimp (China)

The most interesting dishes in the world: drunken shrimp

A common dish in some parts of China made with freshwater shrimp that are occasionally consumed cooked or raw is known as drunken shrimp, also known as drunken prawns. The dish is prepared different in various parts of China.

12. Crocodile (South Asia, Australia, Africa)

Crocodiles are very popular not only for the manufacture of bags, belts and shoes, but also for eating. According to many people, it tastes like chicken and crab. Although alligators are protected in many parts of the world, alligator meat is usually farm-raised.

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