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The Best Tequila Cocktails: Top 5 Tequila Cocktail Recipes

ByDamla Aydin

Aug 31, 2022

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage originating from Mexico. Tequila takes its name from a town in the Mexican State of Jalisco. The Aztecs named the drink they produced from the sap of the agave plant 2000 years ago, “Octilli Poliqhui“, and dedicated this drink, which they considered sacred, to the great Mayan God Olmeca. The alcohol content of tequila is 38% and although it is a drink that is widely consumed as a shot, it also gives very satisfactory results with cocktails. In this article, the best tequila cocktails are listed. Read on to learn more about the top 5 tequila cocktail recipes.

The Best Tequila Cocktails: 1. Tequila Sunrise

The Best Tequila Cocktails: Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise was originally designed by Gene Sulit in the 1930s at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. The Tequila Sunrise cocktail rose from the ashes in California in the early 1970s, interpreted by Bobby Lozoff and Billy Rice, and this revamped recipe gained immense popularity, far ahead of the original recipe. In the original recipe, “soda” was replaced by orange juice, and “liquor” was replaced by grenadine.

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Recipe

Tequila Sunrise cocktail consists of a single base alcohol and flavoring auxiliary components.


  • 60 ml tequila blanco
  • 120 ml of orange juice
  • 10 ml pomegranate syrup

Fill the Highball cocktail glass with ice first.
Add tequila, then orange juice, and mix one round with a bar spoon.
Finally, add grenadine to give the cocktail a wavy look.
You can use an orange slice or a cocktail cherry as a garnish.

The Best Tequila Cocktails: 2. Margarita

The Best Tequila Cocktails: 2. Margarita

Margarita cocktail is the most popular representative of tequila-based cocktails.

In addition, Margarita, which has a reputation on a global scale, is among the top 5 most consumed cocktails in the world.

According to cocktail historian David Wondrich; Margarita derives from the “Tequila Daisy” cocktail.

Tequila Daisy Cocktail, made with tequila, lime, orange liqueur and soda, is the English word for chamomile, the Spanish word for margarita.

According to a rumor, Carlos Danny Herrera is designing a cocktail for actress Marjorie King, who is allergic to many alcohols and cannot drink anything other than tequila, at his restaurant “Rancho La Gloria”. When King said that he wanted to drink tequila in a different form, which he always drank as a shot during his visit to Rancho La Gloria, the cocktail that Danny prepared for his guest is on the list of the most popular cocktails in the world today. The other story states that it was invented in 1948 in Acapulco, Mexico, when a Dallas socialite combined “blanco tequila” with Cointreau (Orange liqueur) and lemon juice for their guests.

Margarita Cocktail Recipe

Margarita cocktail consists of a base alcohol (Tequila), an auxiliary liqueur (Orange liqueur) and lime juice.


  • 40 ml tequila blanco
  • 20 ml orange liqueur
  • 20 ml freshly squeezed lime juice

Since margarita is a cocktail served without ice, first fill the “couppe” style cocktail glass with ice and let the glass cool down during the preparation of the cocktail. If you can find the opportunity to plan your time, using a cocktail glass that has been kept for a while in the minus temperature section of your refrigerator will give an excellent result.
Then, put all the ingredients in the shaker with plenty of ice and shake for 10 seconds.
After that, rub the rim of your glass, which you have separated from the ice, first onto the lemon, wet it, and then touch it to the salt. The purpose of wetting the mouth of the glass with lemon first; to ensure that the salt adheres to the glass.
Note: The decoration of the rim of the glasses with “salt, sugar or spices” is called “rim”. Depending on the content of the cocktail, sour or sweet ingredients can be used as an anchor.

3. Paloma

While tourists are fascinated by Margaritas, Mexican locals mostly prefer to sip their Paloma.

Although overshadowed by the Margarita, the main ingredients of Paloma, one of the most widely known examples of tequila-based cocktails; Tequila is a lime and grapefruit flavored soda.

The origins of the Paloma cocktail are also not very clear, so I cannot present an inventor or existence story. However, when I look at its history; since the grapefruit-flavored soda goes on sale in the mid-20th century, this information makes Paloma relatively young.

The original recipe uses a Squirt brand grapefruit-flavored soda. Founded in 1941, the Squirt brand started to rise with Paloma in the 1950s.

Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Paloma cocktail consists of a single base alcohol and flavoring auxiliary components.


  • 60 ml tequila blanco
  • 30 ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Grapefruit flavored soda

First, fill the Highball cocktail glass to the brim with ice. Add tequila first, then lime juice, and finally soda. You can use grapefruit or lime slices as garnish.

Note: If you cannot find grapefruit flavored soda, put 2-3 small pieces of grapefruit in the shaker and mash with the help of a mallet. You should not press too hard during the crushing process, you do not want too much bitter oil coming out of the shells. Then, add ice, tequila and lime juice to the shaker. After that, shake for 10 seconds and strain the contents into a Highball glass filled with ice. Finally, top it off with standard soda. With this method, you add a grapefruit flavor to your cocktail.

4. Mexican Mule


  • crushed ice
  • 3cl tequila
  • 3.75 cl lime juice (fresh)
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar syrup
  • 1,5 cl mountain strawberry liqueur
  • blackberries and strawberries to garnish
  • lime and orange slices, mint

First, put the sliced lime pieces in the famous Moscow Mule glass and mash well with the sugar syrup. Then, fill the glass halfway with crushed ice and add the tequila and coffee liqueur. After that, mix well and pour the dry ginger beer over it. The critical ingredient here is ginger beer.

5. Playa Del Mar


  • Ice cubes
  • 1 orange slice
  • Brown granulated sugar
  • Salt
  • 1/4 measure or 37.5 ml or straight account 2.5 tablespoons yellow tequila
  • 1.5 tablespoons of orange liqueur
  • 2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice
  • 1.5 tablespoons of cranberry juice
  • 1.5 tablespoons of pineapple juice
  • Orange peel strip or pineapple slice to garnish

After moistening the edges of the sling glass with an orange slice, mix the sugar and salt together and dip the glass into this mixture. Then, pour the tequila, orange liqueur, and juices into the cocktail mixer. Fill blender with ice and shake vigorously for 10 seconds, then strain into ice filled glass. Finally, garnish with a pineapple slice and strip of orange peel.

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