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Traditional French Breakfast: How To Have Breakfast Like A Real French

ByDamla Aydin

Sep 2, 2022

One of the most famous dishes of the French is definitely their patisserie, where they make their pastries, and their own cheese. They also consume cheese, fresh fruit, fruit jam and croissasnt for breakfast. This is basically how you can prepare a French-style breakfast at home. Many cultures teach children that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. But in France, breakfast is considered to be the least significant meal of the day. A traditional French breakfast is usually sweet and hearty. It is typically consumed between 6 and 8 a.m. Read on to learn all about traditional French breakfast and how to have breakfast like a real French.

Traditional French Breakfast: The Basics

Traditional French Breakfast: The Basics
  • A croissant on a spotless white plate with an espresso in a matching mug next to it might come to mind when you hear the phrase “French breakfast.”
  • The world-famous French cuisine, which impresses with the quality and perfection of its cuisine, surprisingly prefers simplicity when it comes to breakfast. Unlike other countries, breakfast in France is seen as the least important meal of the day. For this reason, French people want to start their day by choosing breakfasts that can be consumed as quickly as possible and that do not require effort to prepare.
  • Breakfast is not the most preferred meal of the day in France, lunch is. Breakfast is often overlooked in France, which can be controversial. Based on a recent news report, one in every five French children does not eat breakfast.
  • French people, who prefer to eat croissants, pancakes and pancakes for their breakfast, mostly drink coffee or orange juice in their breakfast. They generally prefer to have their breakfast individually and quickly rather than around crowded tables.
  • There are usually no salty foods when having or serving a traditional French breakfast.
  • Unfortunately, most French people do not eat a fresh croissant every morning. If they were, they would have to change their clothes and go to the patisserie every morning.

Traditional French Breakfast: Top 5 Favorites

1. Croissant

Traditional French Breakfast: Croissant

Croissants have a great place in French cuisine, especially in breakfast. Since it is suitable to eat while in a rush, French people, who will start the day in a brisk way, often prefer this pastry for breakfast. When they are not busier, they may consume croissants with various jams, honey and butter and a coffee. Croissants can also be used as a bread for sandwiches.

2. French Toast

Traditional French Breakfast: French Toast

Although it is not consumed regularly every day, it is one of the favorite breakfast foods in French culture. The French equivalent of this dish is pain perdu, which means “lost bread”. The reason why it is called so is that bread is fried somehow, even if it used to be stale. After dipped in egg and milk, toasted bread is eaten with various fruits and jams such as honey, butter, cinnamon, whipped cream and blueberries.

3. Tartine

Traditional French Breakfast: Tartine

Tartine Bread is a single-slice sandwich made using sourdough bread. To prepare Tartine, also known as an open sandwich, all you need to do is to heat a single slice of bread and fry it, then spread jam, marmalade, honey, butter or chocolate on it and consume it.

4. Beignet

Traditional French Breakfast: Beignet

Beignet, is made by frying small pieces of dough cut into rectangles or squares and pouring granulated sugar on top. In order to enjoy its taste more, it can be preferred to consume fruit and yogurt together with coffee. If you want more sweetness, you can try to dip it in honey.

5. Pain au Chocolat & Pain aux Raisins

Pain au Chocolat, which means chocolate bread, is a favorite French breakfast for those who prefer to eat chocolate even for breakfast. The difference of this bread, which is the chocolate-filled version of the croissant, from the croissant comes from its shape. Unlike the moon shape of the croissant, this pastry is rectangular.

Pain aux Raisins, known as Grapes and Cream Donuts, is a pastry similar to the aforementioned chocolate bread. Although it is not preferred to be consumed as much as Pain au Chocolat, it is of a quality that can be an alternative choice especially for those who do not want to eat chocolate in the morning. It is worth trying these round shaped donuts with grapes inside.

Bonus: Omelette

Omelette, which is not only a part of French cuisine, but is eaten all over the world, is also loved by the French. However, the omelet made in France is different from the others in terms of consistency. Omelet, which reaches a smooth consistency thanks to the cream and butter used in cooking, is usually served by sprinkling it with green onions. Next to it are baguettes that you can put on it and eat.

Traditional French Breakfast: Drinks

Traditional French Breakfast Drinks: Café au lait

Traditional French Breakfast: Drinks

One of the most preferred products in French breakfast is coffee, specifically Café au lait, that is, coffee with milk. Drinkable alongside most of the pastries listed above, Café au lait is made by adding hot milk to coffee and is a breakfast staple for most French people.

Traditional French Breakfast Drinks: Orange Juice

Although not as much as coffee, orange juice is also preferred by French people for breakfast. In addition, French toast with orange juice is a widely consumed breakfast food.

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