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Santorini Wine, the story of the winemaking and of wineries on the island

Santorini Wine and Sunset

Maybe you have heard about the popular Santorini Wine. The combination of the local wine and the view from Caldera is magical. You can see the sunset from the sky of Santorini while enjoying a sip of wine. Imagine that picture in your head and go book your tickets for the next summer, because you will have the best experience of your life. This article will point out the history of this product on the island and some facilities, which have experts and farmers to contribute into the making of the wine. For those who have been in Santorini, I am sure you noticed the fields of grapes. This place is full of them and you would like to know how the locals produce this exceptional drink.

Let’s get started.

History of Santorini Wine

As noted before, you will see bushes at each corner of the island. The tourists wonder what are these. The answer is obvious: They are vineyards that are used for the production of wine. Also, mostly the central and southern parts of the island are stuffed with them.

Firstly, the vineyard of that place is considered the oldest in Europe. They have started generating grapes for more than 3000 years. The first residents of Santorini went there in 3000 BC. They had advanced houses and systems. Additionally, they fed love for the wine. Once the volcano erupted, the lava destroyed the vineyards in 1640 BC. They tried to plant new seeds after 1200 BC, but only the grapes survived the menace of the volcano.

Moreover, phyloxera was a dangerous insect for all fields around the 19th century, because it had the possibility to wreck many seeds. Although, the grapes of the island managed to be intact due to its soil. It consists of pumice, lava and volcanic ash and that was the reason why phyloxera could not expand.

Unique Characteristics

Markedly, the farmers have a unique way to cultivate grapes. The climate conditions forced them to find methods to protect the vines from the strong winds and the sunlight. So, the way of pruning like a basket secures the grapes from these phenomena. Moreover, they have the chance to grow inside. The experts describe this method as “kouloura”.

Secondly, there is another cause why Santorini’s vineyards are so special. They do not water them, thanks to the Mediterranean climate with mild winters and cool summers. The summers have strong north winds, which endure for more than a month. Also, the mist covers the island many times, because of sea water’s evaporation. The humidity of the mist waters the seeds. Certainly, it is not enough because some young vines need more water.

Santorini Wineries

Varieties of Santorini Wine

Below, there is a list of the 10 Best Wineries in Santorini. You should visit them, because the admission involves wine tours too.

  • Santowines Winery
  • Venetsanos Winery
  • Estate Argyros Winery
  • Domaine Sigalas Winery
  • Koutsoyannopoulos Winery
  • Gavalas Winery
  • Boytari Winery
  • Hatzidakis Winery
  • Artemis Karamolegos Winery
  • Cavana Roussos Winery

For more information, click here.

Varieties of Wine

Santorini Asyrtico Wine

This kind of wine exists also in other places of Greece and in Australia, but the ground of the island gives the drink some main attributes: High Minerality, High Acidity and High Alcohol. This variety hands out smoky aromas, which no other grape can. Moreover, its taste is nutty and resembles dry fruit.

Santorini Nychteri Wine

The name “Nychteri” originates from the greek word “Nychta” and the exact translation into English is “Night”. Many years ago, the farmers pressed the grapes at night for the lower temperature.

Nowadays, they collect them late in order to dehydrate. The dehydration leads to higher sugar levels. Then, the sweetener is turned into alcohol and this wine has a minimum of 13% volume.

Santorini Vinsanto Wine

Last but not least, Vinsanto is a sweet wine, which contains 220gr of sugar in each litre. For those who are on a strict diet, do not try it. As I have shown, more dehydration leads to more sugar. That’s why the farmers harvest the grapes much later than the variety of Asyrtico. But Asyrtico has a high adicity and there is a balance in its taste. This balance does not apply to Vinsanto Wine. Due to the fact that it is sweet, you should drink at least a glass. If you don’t, you will miss the chance to try one of the most typical wines of Santorini.

To sum up, there are available wine tours too. You should think paying a visit to them. Agrotourism needs an enhancement and you will be amazed by the whole process. Santorini is a great island to spend your holidays and you must see the beautiful sunset, sitting at a restaurant near Caldera. I guarantee that you will not forget this experience. Of course, do not forget a glass of wine.

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