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How to make pita at home easily? What does it mean pita?

Pita bread

To start with, there is a wide range of bread. Bread suits many dishes, as you need something to collect the liquids or to be full. Sometimes the meal is not enough and you need something more. This is bread. But there is a special occasion. Pita bread is used in many cuisines. Furthermore, they use it in souvlaki, as a wrap. It is very delicious and you can find in many taverns and supermarkets. Also, in supermarkets there are various types. But some people want to make it at home. It requires enough time and preparation. So, I will show you an easy recipe for pita bread in order not to waste much time and effort.

What is pita?

Pita bread (also known as Arabic bread and Syrian bread) is a flatbread using yeast and it is usual in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. You can have many potentials, e.g pita stuff falafel, sabich (a sandwich with fried eggplant). Also, pita bread is quite famous from the souvlaki. Basically, you can stuff the pita with the meat of your choice, sauces, tomatoes and other ingredients. You can choose among chicken, pork, beef or lamb or even kebab. You could combine it with dips and meze, such as tzatziki, melitzanosalata and many others. This kind of bread is as popular as the Greek moussaka.


  • 550g flour
  • 125g yeast
  • 1 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups of warm water
  • Coarse flour for the dough


  1. Firstly, sift the flour into a bowl.
  2. Secondly, prepare 2 tablespoons of flour and then put all the other ingredients in a bowl, apart from the water and salt.
  3. Thirdly, blend the materials of the bowl.
  4.  Fourthly, use water to dissolve the salt.
  5. Next, add water to the flour and stir with a spoon till the dough comes together as a big ball. (Tip: Make sure it does not stick to your hands.)
  6. If the dough sticks to your hands, you should knead more and add extra flour
  7. Put the dough in an oiled bowl and let it sit for 1 hour (Room Temperature)
  8. Later, extract it from the bowl and knead. You should make balls with the dough on a floured surface.
  9.  Let the balls sit for extra 15 minutes, so they can be easily rolled out into a sheet.
  10. Then, take a ball and start shaping a pita (for skewers). Alternatively, pour flour on the counter and make a thin 18cm diameter pie with the use of rolling pin.
  11. Cook each pie for 2-3 minutes over medium heat at a non-stick frying pan. Otherwise, you can grill or toast them without covering them. Put the pita on a hot toaster. Once one side is fully cooked, turn it around.
  12. There is another way: Cook it in oil with a hot pan for 2-3 minutes (Each side)


To sum up, this was an easy and fast recipe for the pita. In addition, you are given the chance for  homemade souvlaki, especially if you make it with your own hands. Make these homemade skewer pies and put whatever you love in them. Moreover, you can fry them in the pan, in the toaster or in the grill and you will have an exceptional outcome. Another idea is the implementation of cornmeal in the crust for additional flavour. In the end, serve the pitas with gyros and you will have people going mad. It is a guarantee!

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