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What are the cheap european meals? The cheapest country by country

The cheapest European Meals

To begin with, it is fascinating to travel around the world and see different cultures. You can see various civilisations and people, but it is worth eating the popular foods of each country too. Some of them are very cheap, other meals cost too much. Although everything costs more because of inflation. But there is no chance of letting high prices affect us. Moreover, each one of us should grab the opportunity to travel the world, especially the European countries. So, there is a wide range of cheap European meals and I will show you enough cities. Write the article closely to see what’s worth in other countries of Europe.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Tascas -15€ Per Person

Usually, tascas are Portuguese taverns which are commanded by family. They serve sharable dishes that are the same as Spanish tapas, though with more portions. You can find in these taverns excellent meals, such as grilled pork and seafood rice.

 Bifanas – 3€ 

Firstly bifanas are slim pieces of pork and the chefs cook them in white wine, garlic, and spices. Afterwards, they pile them on a sweet potato bun and pour yellow mustard and sometimes hot oil. Do yourself a favour to drink a beer with this meal and you will have an unforgettable experience.

2. Granada, Spain


To start with, for those who do not know what are tapas, you miss. Normally tapas are small portions of sharable food on the table. Still, Granada made the first tapas and they serve them in the old-fashioned way. You can buy a drink alongside free tapas. Also, the restaurants charge the drinks between 2-10 euros. But if you are very hungry, tapas are not an ideal choice for you.

Fried Churros – 5 Euros

Basically, the churros of Granada are thick and light using cinnamon and sugar. Additionally, the right way to eat churros is to dip them into a cup of chocolate.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul belongs to Europe by half. Another key point is the mix of civilisation in this beautiful city. Above all, the different conquerors have left their marks. Supposedly you are searching for a cheap spot in Europe as well with Islamic culture, Istanbul is the proper place.

As a matter of fact, you can find food everywhere starting from street vendors to famous restaurants.

Turkish Kebabs 3,50 Euros

Certainly, you can find Turkish kebas nearly everywhere. You can watch many techniques that cook the kebabs. One of them is using a wood fire horizontal meat before it’s skewered with super hot coals

Creamy Scrambled Eggs- 2 Euros

These eggs are cooked over high heat with peppers and tomatoes and salty Turkish cheese.

4. Zagreb, Croatia

Originally, Croatia is popular for its coastal towns, though Zagreb has numerous charms with its exceptional Croatian cuisine. After all, the cuisine has these characteristics: local, seasonal, rustic and nevertheless elegant.

Baked Strukli- 6 Euros

Basically, strukli is a casserole, that comes with sweets and salty flavours. The dough needs to be stretched, filled and baked. Generally, it consists of sour cream, cheese, and eggs

Crunchy Zagreb Schnitzel-15 Euros

Particularly, this schnitzel is crispy and full of taste. It is combined with the meal Pri Zvoncu, which comprises of one slim piece of pork, cheese and ham. Then the ham is buttered and later fried with the fat of the meat.

5. Bucharest, Romania

Romania is famous for the inexpensive meals and they are delicious too.

Sweet and Sour Papanasi- 3,5 Euros

Shortly, it is a mix of flour and cottage cheese. They fry the sugar until has golden brown colour and end with sour cream and berry compote.

Ribs and Other Grilled Meats for Two at 22,20 Euros

Numerous restaurants in Romania, especially in Bucharest have a big variety of grilled meats. Consequently, the lamb and the pork ribs are the top selections.

7. Syros, Greece

Greece is an inexpensive country to visit and explore ancient civilizations, Santorini and Mykonos have the top places among the choices of tourists, but the prices of products are very high. On the contrary, Syros is a very beautiful Greek island. The products are much cheaper than Santorini and Mykonos. Rightfully, it belongs to the list of  places with cheap European meals.

Seafood 15-20 Euros per Person

Syros has many restaurants that serve seafood without thick sauces or sophisticated flavours. That’s why it is considered simple and tasty.

To sum up, those are the regions with the cheap European meals. If you are thinking about going on a trip abroad, you should check this list. Because there are also many things to do there. Subsequently,  you could consider buying a ticket for these European countries. Eventually, do not worry about  inflation. Travel more and live your life!

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