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To taste at least once in your life: Top 10 dishes from around the world

The most famous dishes in world

There are many international dishes, which you should try. One of them is Spanish paella. But other countries have distinctive and delicious dishes. If you are planning to travel the world, you should keep reading. There will be below the best dishes from each country. Each recipe has its own ingredients and way of making. That’s why they are called national foods. The cooks try to implement their own country’s ingredients and knowledge into the dishes. In the end, you will see that you have not tasted even half of them. Then, you will have more push to travel and taste the dishes.

Here is the list of the top 10 dishes around the world!

Top 10 dishes globally

1. Spanish Paella Valenciana

Originally, this food comes from Valencia. Once you look on Internet, you will various alterations to eating paella. If you love meat, veggies, and herbs, then you’ll want to try this classic Spanish rice dish. Even though it takes some time to make, it is delicious and full of protein. You can use chicken and rabbit. Afterwards, you shall add butter beans, green beans and frozen green peas. In the end, gather your favourite herbs and spices and pour them into the paella. Certainly, everyone will be satisfied.

2. Indian Butter Chicken 

Originally, this dish comes from Northern India in 1948. Kundan Lal Gujral created it and is very similar to British tikka masala. The Indian Butter Chicken is ideal for those who look for a warm dish on a cold night. Nothing can beat this traditional Indian staple. Basically, the chicken is very soft, the sauce is creamy and totally tasty. The chefs prepare it using butter and addition of cream. Also, it is fast to make as the curry and rice dish does not take more than 40 minutes to prepare. Although most restaurants put a lot of butter and later you might feel bloated or sick.

3. Apfelstrudel, Austria

Most people know it as Apple Strudel, but it is very famous in Austria and other European regions. The food comprises an oval strudel pastry, filled with apple cream inside. The chefs prepare the apple filling with grated apples, cinnamon, sugar, breadcrumbs and raisins. Additionally, you can put aside vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, if you want extra flavours. Furthermore, there are numerous alterations to this dish. Apfelstrudel is ideal with coffee, tea, or even champagne and you could find it at Viennese cafes.

4. Italian Margherita Pizza

It might not be as famous as in the USA, but this kind of pizza comprises one of the top choices in Italia. The crust is crispy on the edges, the mozzarella is sticky and the pizza tastes like garlic. Everyone loves this characteristic. Unfortunately, meat lovers do not desire this pizza, because it is 100% vegetarian. In the end, do not forget to throw in a few basil leaves as a topping. If you do not like it this way, you can adjust it by putting in all the ingredients you want. Although, it won’t be the genuine Margherita pizza.

5.  Chinese Yangzhou Fried Rice

Looking for something quick and easy, Yangzhou fried rice is the best filling meal to make. Apart from salt and ground pepper, you only need nine ingredients for this recipe. The preparation takes 5 minutes, while the cooking takes at least 10 minutes. Also, you could find it in any Chinese restaurant.

6. French Beef Bourguignon

Next, we have the Beef Bourguignon, which is so soft and juicy. The beef melts when you chew it. It is due to the meat and red wine sauce. You could also put carrots, onions, garlic and whatever you desire to make this meal even more delicious.  This dish is ideal for all family members, but you will not want to share!

Trust me!

7.  Goulash, Hungary

This dish is most known in Central Europe, which is stew meat made in Hungary in the 9th century. The basic ingredients are the spices, for instance paprika. They make Goulash with 4 kinds of meat: Beef, pork, veal and lamb. They chop the meat and season it. The restaurants serve it with various vegetables, such as carrots, parsley, celery, and potatoes. However, they add potatoes to make the plate smoother. Eventually, this dish is a Hungarian landmark. The origin of the stew meat is what makes it one of the top dishes globally.

8. Scottish Scones

Certainly, everyone loves crunchy, flaky, buttery scones. These treats with golden brown colour are as delicious as they should be. You can make them plain or otherwise add raisins. The raisin will give sweetness to the scones.

9. Norwegian Meatballs

Anyone can make meatballs, although you haven’t tried the recipe for Norwegian Meatballs. Basically, they are not thin and melt. You can combine it with the brown sauce, which is superb. Furthermore, the meatballs are accompanied by cheese and onions and afterwards you season them with nutmeg.

10. Belgian Waffles

These fluffy waffles have perfect crisp edges and a little portion of cinnamon and vanilla. In fact, you do not need syrup or any other sweetener, because they taste so good. Although, feel free to experiment and put in whatever ingredient you desire.

To sum up, this was the list of the top 10 dishes around the world. All of them are exceptional choices, as you will be satisfied with each bite. I hope that I have given you enough push and motivation to travel and try these famous dishes. For sure, you will not regret it.

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